Coach Michael 




Michael’s involvement in competitive sports reaches back over three decades. From track and field, to soccer, gymnastics, and swimming, his sporting past includes a little bit of everything. Over the years, the coaches who have guided and taught him have become key players in his formation as a person and an athlete. Finding triathlon in 1992, Michael quickly became aware that the sport seemed too new to have an abundance of suitable coaches.

Being self-coached for the next eight years, Michael learned through trial and error the ways to succeed. But embarking on a pro career in 2000, he knew an objective outside perspective would make the difference in his success on the circuit. Working with one of triathlon’s legendary athletes and coaches, Dave Scott, Michael gained the confidence to compete against the world’s best.

In 2001 – five years removed from a stalled teaching career (high school Spanish) –  Michael moved to Boulder with Amanda to focus in earnest on life as a professional triathlete. Initially content with the full-time athlete’s life, he soon realized how much he missed the satisfaction of teaching, and the challenges of guiding others.  Eager to share his triathlon experience with others, and to help them sidestep a multitude of mistakes and pitfalls, Michael launched his coaching career.

He’s been coaching athletes of all abilities since 2001, and is as proud of the folks he’s helped qualify for Kona as he is of the ones who got off the couch to complete the first sprint triathlon.