Lovato Performance – Train Your Way – World Class Coaching for Everyone

What does it mean to train your way?   Too many coaches in the triathlon world promote his or her method as the most effective way to train.

The current triathlon coaching buzz words include: more is more; less is more; high volume; high intensity; few hours; many hours; do the work; get it done; commitment; sacrifice; recovery-based; heart-rate based; power-based; and on and on and on…

Lovato Performance focuses primarily on one tenet of training: consistency.

We take an objective look at the athlete’s needs, time available, goals, athletic ability, and desire.  With all of this factored in, Lovato Performance will create your way to train, incorporating the necessary methods to enable each athlete to train consistently.

Michael and Amanda also offer Training Camps at various destinations around the U.S. and abroad.